HE President Yoweri Museveni, President of Uganda, has said that his government introduced the decentralisation system of government to strengthen the local government as a way of empowering communities to participate in the development process. He said this was a great way of working to find solutions to the challenges facing them as a community than relying on the centre for solutions.

President Museveni was speaking at the opening of the 2013 Commonwealth Local Government Conference in Kampala, Uganda on 14 May. President Museveni, who is also the Patron of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum, also welcomed Sri Lanka President Rajapaksa who also spoke at the opening.  They were joined by CLGF Chairperson Lawrence Yule, Uganda Minister for Local Government and CLGF Vice-chairperson Adolf Mwesige, EAC Secretary-General Richard Sezibera, Uganda Local Governments Association President Cllr Odok Peter W’Oceng and CLGF Secretary-General Carl Wright.